Economic Impact

Fermilab science creates a significant economic impact nationwide

A profound economic impact

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, or Fermilab, is America’s premier particle physics and particle accelerator laboratory. The portfolio of science researched at the laboratory is expansive and focuses on answering some of the most challenging questions in physics.

Fermilab is operated by Fermi Research Alliance for the Department of Energy. The laboratory executes a complex mission of exploring the smallest building blocks of matter and making impactful discoveries in the world of high-energy physics. As a national laboratory, Fermilab generates a substantial economic impact. A recently completed in-depth economic impact assessment of fiscal year 2022 operations reported that laboratory had $1.6 billion in total economic output and supported 7,242 jobs within the United States economy.

Total economic output summary


Fermilab’s fiscal year 2022 total economic output across all operations

7,242 jobs

created or sustained

$628 million

generated support for household income

$973 million

generated to support state domestic product

$778 million

total operating expenses for fiscal year 2022

Academia and research

2.5K students and postdocs

participated in education programs which include internships, events and collaborations with universities. This number includes interns, undergraduate students, and graduate-level students and postdocs.


published physics papers with at least one Fermilab author

3 of the top-cited 10

high-energy physics published papers have a Fermilab author

Procurement in fiscal year 2022

$286 million

in total new procurement awards

$93 million

Illinois businesses estimate

$11 million

South Dakota businesses estimate

$71 million

total procurement dollars spent with small businesses

Two people wearing protective clothing observe the inside of a tracker plane during production.

Job creation

Measurement of economic job impact

1,985 employees

working at the Batavia, Illinois and Lead, South Dakota Fermilab sites

7,242 total jobs

created or sustained, of which 1,584 from the LBNF/DUNE-US project

A cryomodule on a truck. A tall building is visible in the background, on the left.

1.56 multiplier effect

for every 100 additional Fermilab jobs, 156 jobs are created in Illinois

Projections on the economic output of flagship projects


(fiscal year 2022 – fiscal year 2030)*

$4.3 billion

in estimated total economic output

$478 million

in estimated average annual economic output

$170 million

in estimated average contribution to household income

$217 million

in estimated average contribution to gross state product


(fiscal year 2022 – fiscal year 2028)*

$1.26 billion

in estimated total economic output

$180 million

in estimated average annual economic output

$46 million

in estimated average contribution to household income

$71 million

in estimated average contribution to gross state product

* Projection based on research, construction of the project, and procurement of goods and resources which would be needed for maintenance and operations. Years represent all years of expected operation.

The impact created by visitor spend

Fermilab visitors have an indirect economic impact on the local economies, largely through spending on travel, hotel, lodging and dining. Visitors include laboratory users and affiliates, higher-education students (interns, graduate students and postdocs), business visitors and subcontractors.

In fiscal year 2022 Fermilab had 5,716 visitors. These include over 5,000 visitors to Fermilab’s Batavia site in Illinois and about 600 to Lead, South Dakota.

Fermilab’s 5,716 visitors include

  • 1,800+ visiting scientists, engineers and computer professionals
  • 500 business visitors
  • 2,500 students and postdocs

The Batavia site

  • Visitors stayed an average of 5 nights and 6 days in the area
  • averaged 170 visitors per week

Nearly $17 million dollars generated in total economic output based on visitors to Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois.

Community engagement

Fermilab is committed to engaging with its local communities and providing educational support for students and professional development opportunities for educational professionals. Fermilab is home to the Lederman Science Center, the premier education science center in Chicago’s western suburbs.


K-12 students field trip visitors


drop-in visitors to the Lederman Science Center


participants in the Saturday Morning Physics education program, onsite at Fermilab


Illinois science teachers attended professional development training


teachers attended physics education courses through the QuarkNet collaboration

This assessment aims to provide policymakers, stakeholders and the public with an understanding of Fermilab’s significant role in driving regional and national economic growth.